Passionate Blonde

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(IBU 25, ABV 5.5%)
The Southern Passion Hop has become sought after worldwide and we dedicate this brilliantly drinkable beer to local farmers. Top aromatic note of passion fruit combine with a Belgian pilsner malt that creates the bracingly fresh body of this sessionable blond.

Intense hop aroma expressing notes of passion fruit/granadilla, with other tropical fruit, lychee or perhaps blackcurrent. Odours usually associated with Savignon Blanc wine are present in the Southern Passion hop.
Background maltiness and light yeast spicy and fruity character.

Hop flavours described above mix with a soft malt biscuit sweetness and finishing with some dryness and alcohol warmth.
Soft yeast fruitiness and spiciness behind the hoppiness.
The Passionate Blond ale is brewed to be hop aroma forward and malt should not dominate, neither hop bitterness.